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Silver Zircon Stone Bracelet

Silver Zircon Stone Bracelet

SKU: BR11002356

Silver bracelets are among the favourite accessories of special occasions and daily wear .This bracelet model  offers you the most elegant way to emphasize your style and reflect it to the outside world.  You can wear at any time of the day. This bracelet with silver zircon stone is also among these bracelet  is made of 925 sterling silver. Rhodium plated on silver. Rhodium plated silver products retain their shine for a long time. As with all silver bracelets, the silver zircon stone bracelet model is produced by hand. There may be deviations of ± 10% in the specified product weight due to silver and precious stones.


Width: 0.50 cm


Height : 0.50 cm


Chain length : 22 cm


Weight : 5.35 gr.

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