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Sterling Silver Round Snowflake Necklace

Sterling Silver Round Snowflake Necklace

SKU: PT11001568
£18.00 Regular Price
£15.30Sale Price

The radiance and clarity of women are compared to snowflakes. Snowflakes symbolize the person you love. Another feature that makes them special is that each snowflake is unique and valuable, just like women. The nobility of the snowflake has attracted attention in every period. In addition, it symbolizes that people can live happily without harming each other, just like snowflakes. This Round Snowflake Necklace is an excellent option that can be preferred on special occasions . The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver. It is rhodium plated on silver. Rhodium plated products retain their shine for a long time and oxidation of the product is delayed. As with all silver necklaces, this silver snowflake necklace is also produced entirely by hand. Due to silver and precious stones, there may be a deviation of ± 10% in the stated average product weight.

Width: 2.00 cm

Height: 2.00 cm

Cover. Weight: 2.65 gr.

Chain Length: 45.00 cm


Round Snowflake Necklace
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