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Silver Four Glove Bracelet

Silver Four Glove Bracelet

SKU: BR0460906

The four-leaf clover is considered a symbol of good luck in all cultures.

The four  leaves of the clover each have a different meaning. The first leaf symbolizes hope, the second faith, the third love and the fourth luck.

The specially designe bracelet, which is formed by the combination of four hearts, is made of 925 sterling silver. This elegant bracelet will be a very stylish option for young lovers to choose on special occasions. 

Rhodium  plated silver bracelets keep their shine for a long time

and delays its oxidation. There may be deviations of ± 10% in the specified

product weight due to silver and precious stones.


Width: 1.30 cm


Height: 6.30 cm

Weight : 3.65gr.


Bracelet Length : 20.00 cm

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